sasy mankan is a proffesianal rap a poper son in the streets of rotten at tehran.he has a very good rap.his fullalbum is environs 45 for this time.his album is a happylly but is a very vulgar.vulgar slang has a imortant inscription for their song.shes girl friend was sunbarbie until for strife for his gf isnt in world and 2 years ago was for alihyper.

alihyper there a methob rap.{jenas}.his close friend and cooperater was hosein mokhte.they have a fight together.hosein mokhte said im with ashkan for iransong music.and sasy mankan with alishmas.the song of gooshvare is a initial sing without hosein mokhte.and after video music ninach nach.they re rilycs is a very good for iranrap.pop.

from wikipedia البرز.ان